SensibleTicker.com was founded in June, 2009 by Syed Rehan. The inspiration has been taken from News Tickers (slides) which we see on almost every television channel at all times.

According to a survey conducted by Sensible Ticker, people love to see tickers (slides) on television channels that provide round-the-clock information, and they are wondering if there is an application which can be installed on their computers and would work in the similar fashion.

The survey further revealed that over 90% people agreed to install the application, if it is free to download, informative, and easy to use. At this point, Rehan decided to design and develop an application that provides up-to-date information to its users and help sellers in promoting and increasing their sales. The core purpose of Sensible Ticker is to close the gap between the local consumers and sellers through the non-stop ticker.

Mission Statement

Be innovative in providing up-to-date information to Sensible Ticker users and increase the Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS) of Sensible Ticker advertisers.

Vision Statement

Sensible Ticker on every internet user’s desktop.

Founder and CEO

Syed Rehan holds a degree of Master of Business and Information Technology and has got over 7 years of experience of: researching, writing, and editing content (i.e., web content, online courses, SEO, academic, news, and reviews); marketing; and development of promotional plans.

He has worked for various organizations as a research analyst and content developer such as 360training.com (USA), Telecom Trends Inc. (TTI - USA) and National Association of Condo Hotel Owners (NACHO - USA). Further, he has been successfully running a BPO (content development) since February 2006 and managing a team of over 25 freelance writers.

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