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What is Sensible Ticker?

Sensible Ticker is a FREE and innovative desktop application that gathers all the top-notch information around your world and put them together at your desktop. It updates you about latest: News, Jobs Available, Food Deals, Shopping Discounts, Technology Updates, and a lot more...

Users can also watch/listen over 50 channels LIVE.

Websites alone don’t HELP you

According to a survey conducted by Sensible Ticker, over 80% people don’t visit to a seller’s website to see any updated information regarding his/her new deals, discounts, updates, etc. on regular basis.

Thus, it clearly means if a seller makes any updates in his/her products’ information on his/her website then over 80% people would not be aware of the changes made in the deals, discounts, etc.

If advertisers use Sensible Ticker to promote their products/services they can keep their customers updated as our users run Sensible Ticker on daily basis to get latest updates.

Run Your ads on INNOVATIVE Application

We are heading towards a time when people want to see every vital information on their desktops instead of visiting several websites. Sensible Ticker is the beginning of making this dream into realty. Sensible Ticker users can now get all the top-notch information right on their desktops. Sensible Ticker is the first product of its kind and has never been launched in Pakistan - it is important to remember that we are the Innovators of it.

Ocean of WEBSITES on Internet

The internet is full with non-local information - the information which you don’t want to see. For example, a Pakistani internet user can easily search the best deal of Pizza in the Times Square, New York, USA, but he/she can’t find the best dinner deal available at the ZamZama Street or the best shopping discount available at the Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sensible Ticker is the only application which is designed after considering all these issues of potential users and sellers. The application is absolutely free to download and very easy to use. It provides non-stop (24x7) updates to its users regarding latest news, best shopping offers, most economical meal deals of the city, bumper discounts offered at a departmental store, moderate travelling packages, new apartments for sale, latest technology offering in your area, and a lot more…

How Sensible Ticker can generate SALES?

This is the hottest question of every sensible seller or advertiser. The simplest answer is Awareness! Yes, Awareness. Sensible Ticker informs your customers about your product (24x7) by scrolling your advertisement right on their desktops.

As a user/customer views your ad, and if he interested in knowing more about your products/services, he simply has to click on your ad, a popup window instantly appears to inform him about the deal you are offering. If a user is interested in knowing complete details of your products/services, he can click on the link (on the pop-up window) that would land him/her at your website – if you have a website. Moreover, advertisers can offer discounts for Sensible Ticker users to increase your number of sales

Sensible Ticker vs. Websites & SMS/Email Marketing

It is vital to understand that Sensible Ticker has no competition with websites and email/SMS marketing as it is a separate innovative application that works on its own mechanism. In fact, it can be used to generate more traffic at your website and ultimately, to increase your sales.

Sensible Ticker is not like the SMS or Email marketing where people usually receive useless emails and SMSs. Sensible Ticker has been designed primarily for its users so that they can get up-to-date and local products/services information right on their desktops. It does not want to fill its users’ mind with unnecessary information.

For example, a house wife with a kid receives a marketing email message that contains the information regarding buying cheap paper packing machinery, do you think that she has any interest in it, obviously NO; rather she is more interested in knowing the best grocery deals, hot dinner offerings, economical shopping deals, etc.

Sensible Ticker believes neither SMS/email marketers nor we know the profiles or interests of our recipients, but Sensible Ticker has given the liberty to its users to view only those tabs (categories – information) in which they are interested - No Junk Bullshit.

No Website – Don’t Worry

If you don’t have a website, no need to worry about it as you can provide complete details of your product in the popup window. You can also purchase a webpage from Sensible Ticker that further contains your products/services details.

It is vital to note that websites are not essential for Sensible Ticker but it would be great if you have one that contains your products/services details.

Value Added Services for ADVERTISERS

Sensible Ticker offers various types of Value Added Services (VAS) to its advertisers, some of them are as follows:

  • You can provide Sensible Ticker a landing page – a webpage where you want to move the traffic (your customers).
  • Your ad (image + text) will be displayed non-stop 24hrs a day as per your plan.
  • Your ad will go live within 12-16 hrs after confirming your order.
  • Your customers can view the details of your products/services in a pop-up window and they don’t need to go to your website. Nevertheless, your landing page (website) can be provided.
  • Your ads can only be shown to your target market – interested users – No junk or cheap marketing tactics.

Ad Features

Product Logo - 1 Image (60x60 pixels)

Product Name - 15 Characters

Product Brief - 20 Characters

Product Details (Popup) - 300 Characters - 1 Image (200x200 pixels)

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Disclaimer for Advertisers: Sensible Ticker has only been designed to close the gap between the customers and sellers by providing up-to-date and local information through the ticker (ads), and it does not guarantee any number of sales. Further, it is highly recommended that first you should download Sensible Ticker to know about its working pattern.
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