Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sensible Ticker?
It is an informative ticker (slides) that keeps its users updated, and can be run after a single click.

Can I add my RSS feeds in Sensible Ticker? Or, Can I use it as an RSS feeds reader?
Yes, you can use it is an RSS feeds reader as well. Your RSS feeds tab can be added as "My Feeds" tab.

Is there any cost associated with Sensible Ticker?
It is absolutely FREE to download. No COST is associated with it.

Which software is required to run Sensible Ticker?
It does not require any additional software to run, simply download SensibleTicker.exe and run it.

Can I use Sensible Ticker on any operating system?
No! Sensible Ticker can only be used on Microsoft Windows. It works well with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Is it similar to a toolbar or search engine?
No! It is entirely different from toolbars and search engines as it completely works on its own mechanism.

Can I make any changes in Sensible Ticker?
Yes, you can adjust the ticker by using the settings tab.

How can I remove Sensible Ticker from my machine?
To remove Sensible Ticker from your system, you simply have to delete SensibleTicker.exe file from your system.

Can I refresh Sensible Ticker to get latest feeds?
Yes, you can refresh it. Place your cursor on Sensible Ticker icon in the task bar, press the right click of your mouse and select "Refresh Sensible Ticker" - it will start refreshing Sensible Ticker - completely.

Can I refresh any tab separately?
Yes, you can refresh any tab separately. Place your cursor on any tab which you wish to refresh, press the right click of your mouse and select "Refresh" - it will start refreshing the selected tab.

What are the Sensible Ticker default settings?

  • Always on TOP - it can be changed by using the right click of your mouse on the Sensible Ticker's icon in the Taskbar
  • Paused Status - it can be changed by clicking on the play button
  • Start on Startup - it can be changed by using the right click of your mouse on the Sensible Ticker's icon in the Taskbar
  • Bottom location of Sensible Ticker - it can be changed by using the right click of your mouse on the Sensible Ticker
  • Unloaded tabs will remain dull unless they are not completely loaded

What is the setting of Frames Per Second (FPS)?
Set to Low: Set the FPS to Low if your machine is less than 2.0 Ghz and has 512MB of RAM.

Set to Medium: Set the FPS to Medium if your machine is 2.0 Ghz to 2.4 Ghz and has 1GB of RAM.

Set to High: You can set the FPS to High if your machine is over 2.8 Ghz and has 1GB of RAM.

Note: For better system performance, it is recommended that you should keep FPS to low, unless your system configuration is very high. .

What is Ticker Speed?
For better performance, keep it to less than 50% if your system is less 2.4 Ghz with 1 GB of RAM.

Can I play (scroll) ticker?
Sensible Ticker can be paused and played by using the button - when it is paused, it will show a scroll bar to view the feeds.

What is Opacity?
Users can set the Opacity/transparency level as per their needs by using the opacity option from the Settings Tab.

How can I change Tab Colors?
Users can set the Ticker and Tab colors as per their needs by using the color adjustment option from the Settings Tab.

How much time will it take to load all the tabs?
Once you click on Sensible Ticker icon, it will start loading. It may take up to 2-3 mins to completely download all the feeds - depending upon your system and the internet connection speeds.


Is there any cost associated for getting an ad space on Sensible Ticker?
Yes, we have several plans which are designed to suit the needs of various types of advertisers.

Can I provide my ad copies online?
Yes, you can provide ad copies online by using the Advertiser's form.

Can I purchase a webpage space at for my products/services?
Yes, a dedicated page can be designed to offer your products/services.

Who can see my ads?
Every Sensible Ticker user can view your ads.

Is there any geographical limitation of viewing the ads?
No, your ads can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is the use of Sensible Ticker.

Note: If you don’t find your answer here, please use the contact form for further information.

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