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What is Sensible Ticker?
Sensible Ticker is a FREE and innovative desktop application that gathers all the top-notch information around your world and put them together at your desktop. It updates you about latest: News, Jobs Available, Food Deals, Shopping Discounts, Technology Updates, and a lot more...

You can also watch/listen over 50 channels LIVE.

Innovative Application
Sensible Ticker is the first product of its kind and has never been launched in Pakistan. It is noteworthy that it is not a search engine, toolbar or directory; it is simply a ticker (as you see on TV channels) that provides round the clock up-to-date information to its users.

Why should you use Sensible Ticker?
It is a categorical fact that the internet is full with non-local or non-Pakistani information - the information which you don’t want to view or don’t have any interest in it. For example, a Pakistani internet user can easily search the best deal of Pizza in the Times Square, New York, USA, but he/she can’t find the best dinner deal available at the ZamZama Street or the best shopping discount available at the Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sensible Ticker is the only application which is designed after considering all these issues of potential users and sellers - it provides non-stop (24x7) updates to its users. In a sentence, Sensible Ticker firmly believes in providing only sensible information to its users.

How Sensible Ticker works?
Users simply have to download the application for Absolutely Free and run the .exe file. The application does not require any installation or support software to run.

Once it is saved (.exe file), it can be run by a single click! As soon as the Sensible Ticker starts running (within a couple of seconds), users can see the information as per their interests or needs; for example, if they want to know about food deals, they just have to click on the Food tab to view the best food deals of the city. Likewise, if they want to see the best shopping offers, they just have to click on the Shopping tab to see the best offers.

Sensible Ticker as RSS feeds reader
Sensible Ticker can also be used as an RSS feeds reader. Once you download it, you simply have to add RSS feeds of your choice in Sensible Ticker.

Sensible Ticker vs. Websites & Email/SMS Marketing
It is important to understand that Sensible Ticker has no competition with websites and email/SMS marketing as it is a separate innovative application that works on its own mechanism.

Sensible Ticker is not like the SMS or Email marketing where people usually receive useless emails and SMSs. Sensible Ticker has been designed primarily for its users so that they can get up-to-date and local products/services information right on their desktops. It does not believe in filling its users’ mind with unnecessary information – No junk information at all.

User Friendly Interface
The Sensible Ticker’s interface is very user friendly, even a novice can run and view news or ads easily.

Absolutely FREE to Download
Users can download Sensible Ticker for absolutely FREE. No HIDDEN COST is associated with it.

Chances of Winning Fabulous Prizes
Download Sensible Ticker and register yourself to win fabulous prizes. Once you click on Download HERE button, it will land you to another page where you you will be asked to allow the download. On the same page, you can fill your particulars to register yourself in the lucky draws we don't charge any thing for registration.

In short, Sensible Ticker is an innovative application that provides up-to-date and round the clock information to its users. It is free to download and very easy to use. User can add their favorite RSS feeds in it too. Further, users can also register themselves to Win Fabulous Prizes.

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